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9 Ebook Creators You Can’t Afford to Ignore: Unleash Your Creative Genius Today!

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Ready to turn your ideas into a captivating ebook for KDP publishing? In a world where digital content reigns, having the right ebook creator is like wielding a magic wand – it can effortlessly transform your thoughts into beautifully crafted digital books. Whether you’re a budding writer or a seasoned pro, there’s a perfect tool out there to suit your unique needs.

From free, user-friendly platforms to professional-grade software, our compilation of 9 top ebook creators will navigate you through the diverse array of options. So, let’s dive in and uncover the tool that will elevate your ebook from good to great!

1. Adobe InDesign: The Professional’s Choice

Notable Features

Adobe InDesign stands out as the go-to software for professional ebook creators. Known for its advanced layout and design capabilities, it offers unparalleled control over every aspect of your ebook’s appearance. From intricate typography to sophisticated image handling, InDesign is equipped to handle complex designs with precision.

Format Compatibilities

InDesign excels in format versatility, supporting a wide range of ebook formats. It’s particularly strong in exporting to EPUB, an ebook standard, and interactive PDFs, ideal for rich, media-heavy ebooks. This makes it a top choice for creating ebooks that are both visually stunning and functionally robust.

Creating Ebooks with Adobe InDesign

InDesign is best suited for those with some design experience or those willing to climb the learning curve. You can start from scratch or use one of the many templates available. Its comprehensive toolset allows for detailed customization, making it possible to bring even the most complex designs to life.


Adobe InDesign operates on a subscription model, which might be a consideration for those on a budget. However, its professional-grade features justify the investment for serious ebook creators.

Click HERE for current pricing.

Why Choose Adobe InDesign as an Ebook Maker

Choose Adobe InDesign if you’re aiming for top-tier professional quality in your ebook creator. It’s ideal for creators who need advanced design capabilities and are willing to invest time and resources into creating a truly standout ebook.


  • Powerful layout and typography tools
  • Time-saving features like Layers
  • Print-ready output
  • Efficient workflow and integration
  • Versatility and adaptability


  • Steep learning curve
  • Cost (subscription-based pricing model)
  • Resource intensive (requires a powerful computer system)

2. Sqribble: Revolutionizing Ebook Creation with AI

Notable Features

Sqribble is a game-changer for ebook creation, harnessing the power of AI to simplify the design process. It offers a unique blend of automated content generation and customizable templates, making it ideal for those who want to create professional-looking ebooks quickly and efficiently. Its intuitive interface allows for easy customization of layouts, styles, and colors.

Format Compatibilities

Sqribble primarily focuses on exporting ebooks in PDF format, which is widely accepted and easy to share. This format is suitable for a variety of ebooks, including guides, manuals, and storybooks, ensuring a broad appeal.

Creating Ebooks with Sqribble

With Sqribble, you can start by selecting a template that fits your ebook’s theme. Then, utilize its AI-driven content suggestions to fill your pages, or input your own text. The software’s drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to add, remove, or modify elements, streamlining the ebook creation process.


Sqribble offers a one-time purchase, which can be more cost-effective than subscription-based models. This pricing structure makes it an attractive option for those who prefer a straightforward, one-time investment in an ebook maker.

Click HERE for the current price.

Why Choose Sqribble

Sqribble is the perfect choice for creators looking for a balance between ease of use and professional output. Its AI-driven features are particularly beneficial for those who want to speed up the ebook creation process without compromising on quality.


  • Ease of Use: Sqribble’s user-friendly interface makes ebook creation accessible even for beginners.
  • Templates Galore: Offers a wide range of professionally designed templates for various ebook types.
  • Automatic Content Generation: Provides an option for automatic content creation, an AI Ebook generator which can be a time-saver.
  • Interactive Elements: Allows you to add interactive features like flip pages and call-to-action buttons.
  • Commercial License: Includes a commercial license for selling ebooks created with Sqribble.


  • Limited Customization: While templates are convenient, they may limit customization for more unique designs.
  • Content Quality: Automatically generated content may not always meet high-quality standards.
  • Subscription Model: Requires a subscription for access, which can be a recurring cost.
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3. Canva: The Designer’s Dream for Stunning Ebooks

Notable Features

Canva isn’t just for social media graphics; it’s a powerhouse for ebook creation too. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can easily bring your ebook to life, even if you’re not a design pro. It boasts a vast library of templates, images, and fonts, making it a breeze to create professional-looking ebooks. Plus, its image editing capabilities let you add that extra flair to your visuals.

Format Compatibilities

One of Canva’s strengths is its flexibility in formats. You can export your masterpiece in various formats, including PDF, EPUB, and more, ensuring your ebook looks great on any device.

Creating Ebooks with Canva

Start by choosing a template or building your design from scratch. Canva’s intuitive tools allow you to customize every element, from layout to typography. You can add your own images or choose from Canva’s extensive library. Once your design is complete, simply choose your desired format and download your ebook.


Canva offers a free version that’s surprisingly robust, perfect for those just starting out. For more advanced features, Canva Pro provides additional functionality at a reasonable price.

Click HERE for current pricing.

Why Choose Canva

If you’re after a tool that balances ease of use with professional results, Canva is your go-to. It’s perfect for creators who want to focus more on content and less on wrestling with complex design software.


  • User-Friendly: Canva is known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible even for those without graphic design skills.
  • Templates: Offers a vast array of templates, including those for book covers, social media graphics, and more, facilitating quick and easy design.
  • 3-D Mockups: Provides options for creating 3-D mockups of book covers, enhancing the visual appeal of your ebook.
  • Built-In AI Tools: Includes AI tools for graphic creation and text, adding efficiency to the design process. Event Flyers: Useful for creating promotional materials like event flyers, supporting your marketing efforts.


  • Limited Customization for Unique Designs: While Canva offers many templates, it might not suffice for more unique or custom design needs.
  • Advanced Features Require Payment: Access to more sophisticated features, like brand kits and background remover, requires a paid plan.
  • Generic Stock Photos: The stock photos available on Canva can be quite generic, and for more custom photos, you might need to source them externally.

4. Google Docs: The Surprising Ebook Creator

Notable Features

Google Docs may seem like a simple word processor, but it’s a hidden gem for ebook creation. Its real power lies in its simplicity and collaboration features. You can easily draft and edit your ebook with real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world. Plus, its seamless integration with other Google services adds to its convenience.

Format Compatibilities

While Google Docs isn’t typically recognized for diverse format exports, it covers the essentials. You can export your documents in PDF, which is widely used for ebooks. It also supports exporting to DOCX and RTF, useful for further editing or formatting in other software.

Creating Ebooks with Google Docs

Begin by writing your content directly in Google Docs. Utilize its robust editing tools to format your text and add images. Once your content is ready, you can export it in PDF format for a universally accessible ebook. Google Docs is particularly advantageous for collaborative projects, allowing multiple contributors to work simultaneously.


The best part about Google Docs is that it’s completely free. All you need is a Google account, making it an accessible option for anyone starting in the ebook world.

Why Choose Google Docs as an Ebook Maker

Google Docs is ideal for those who prefer a straightforward, no-frills approach to ebook creation. It’s especially beneficial for collaborative writing projects and for creators who need a reliable, easily accessible platform.


  • Auto-Save and Cloud Storage: Ensures you won’t lose your work with automatic saving and cloud-based storage.
  • Free and Easy to Use: Accessible without cost and user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners.
  • Basic Editing Tools: Provides essential tools for writing and editing your ebook.
  • Collaboration Function: Allows multiple users to work on the document simultaneously, which is great for co-authored projects or receiving feedback.
  • Multiple File Format Export: Supports exporting your document in various formats, including PDF and EPUB.


  • Online Access Required: You need an internet connection to access your saved work, although there are options for offline access with precautions.
  • Not Ideal for Formatting for Self-Publishing: While it’s possible to write an ebook in Google Docs, it’s not the best tool for formatting if you’re planning to self-publish.

5. Designrr: Streamlining Ebook Design for Non-Designers

Notable Features

Designrr is a boon for those who want to create professional-looking ebooks without deep design expertise. It stands out with its user-friendly interface, diverse range of templates, and the unique ability to import content directly from websites, blogs, or Microsoft Word documents. This feature streamlines the ebook creation process, especially for repurposing existing content.

Format Compatibilities

Designrr excels in its format versatility, supporting exports in PDF, Kindle format (MOBI), and EPUB. This range ensures that ebooks created with Designrr can be easily published and read across various platforms, from e-readers to standard digital devices.

Creating Ebooks with Designrr

Starting with Designrr is a breeze. Select a template that suits your project, import your content, and then dive into customizing your layout and design elements. The platform is designed to be intuitive, allowing for easy adjustments and additions, even for those new to ebook design.


Designrr offers a range of pricing options, including both one-time purchase and subscription models. This flexibility caters to different preferences and budgets, making it a versatile choice for various creators.

See latest pricing HERE

Why Choose Designrr Ebook Maker

Designrr is the go-to ebook creator for content creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs seeking to produce sleek ebooks with minimal fuss. Its straightforward design process and ability to handle multiple formats make it a top pick for efficiently transforming content into polished, ready-to-publish ebooks.


  • Versatility in Content Importing: Designrr allows users to import content from various sources, including blogs, websites, audio, video, YouTube files, PDF ebooks, and white-papers. This feature is particularly useful for repurposing existing content into new formats.
  • Multiple Export Options: Users can export their creations in various formats such as PDF, Kindle, iBooks (epub), and HTML. This flexibility is beneficial for distributing content across different platforms.
  • Ease of Use: The platform is designed to be user-friendly, enabling users to create ebooks, lead magnets, flipbooks, and blog posts quickly and easily. It also offers a range of templates and customization options.
  • Content Repurposing: Designrr is particularly useful for repurposing content, such as converting blog posts into ebooks or transforming video content into blog posts and ebooks.
  • Transcription Services: The platform offers AI instant transcription services, which can be a significant time-saver for creating show notes, transcripts, and other text-based content from audio and video sources.


  • Dependence on Internet Connection: The performance and speed of content import and export may depend on the user’s internet connection, particularly for large files or media-rich content.
  • Learning Curve: While Designrr is designed to be user-friendly, new users may still experience a learning curve in understanding all the features and best ways to utilize the platform effectively.
  • Template Limitations: Although Designrr offers a range of templates, some users might find the customization options limited compared to more advanced design software.
  • Cost: For some users, especially those who need advanced features or use the platform extensively, the cost of Designrr might be a consideration.

6. Calibre: The All-in-One Ebook Management Tool

Notable Features

Calibre is much more than just an ebook creator; it’s a comprehensive ebook management system. It’s known for its robust ebook library management, format conversion capabilities, and syncing features with various e-reader devices. Calibre also offers an in-built ebook viewer and editor, making it a versatile tool for both creation and organization of ebooks.

Format Compatibilities

Calibre stands out for its wide-ranging format support. It can handle a plethora of formats including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and many others. This makes it incredibly useful for converting ebooks into different formats for compatibility with various e-readers and devices.

Creating Ebooks with Calibre

Calibre’s ebook editor allows for detailed customization of your ebook. You can start from scratch or import an existing document and then edit it within Calibre. Its user interface might seem overwhelming at first, but it offers deep customization options for those who want full control over their ebook’s layout and formatting.


One of the best things about Calibre is that it’s completely free and open-source. This makes it an accessible option for anyone, regardless of budget.

Why Choose Calibre

Calibre ebook creator is ideal for those who are not only looking to create ebooks but also manage an existing collection. It’s particularly suited for users who need a tool that offers both creation and comprehensive management features, all in one place.


  • Comprehensive E-Book Management: Calibre is known for its extensive e-book management capabilities, allowing users to organize, sort, and categorize their e-book collections effectively.
  • Format Conversion: It supports a wide range of e-book formats and can convert between them, making it versatile for different e-reader devices and applications.
  • Free and Open Source: Calibre is free to use and open-source, which means it’s continually being improved by a community of developers.
  • E-Book Viewer: It includes an integrated e-book viewer that can read most e-book formats.
  • News Feed Conversion: Calibre can fetch news from various websites and convert them into e-book format, allowing for offline reading.
  • Editing Capabilities: It offers e-book editing features, enabling users to modify the content and format of their e-books.


  • Complex Interface: New users might find Calibre’s interface overwhelming due to its many features and settings.
  • Performance Issues with Large Libraries: Users with extensive e-book collections might experience slower performance.
  • Limited Customization in Conversion: While format conversion is a strength, some users may find limitations in customizing the output during the conversion process.
  • Learning Curve: The wide range of features and functionalities can require a significant time investment to learn and use effectively.

7. Vellum: The Elegant Solution for Apple Users

Notable Features

Vellum is a favorite among Apple users for its elegant and intuitive design interface. It’s specifically tailored for creating ebooks and print books with a professional, polished look. Vellum stands out for its ease of use, allowing authors to focus on their writing while it takes care of the formatting and design aspects.

Format Compatibilities

Vellum is adept at exporting ebooks in formats that are widely accepted across major publishing platforms. It supports EPUB for a range of e-readers and also provides the option to create print-ready PDFs for physical copies of books.

Creating Ebooks with Vellum Ebook Creator

Vellum’s user-friendly approach lets you import your manuscript and then effortlessly format it into a beautiful ebook. The software provides various style options to choose from, ensuring your ebook has a unique and professional appearance. Its preview feature allows you to see how your ebook will look on different devices, making adjustments a breeze.


Vellum is a premium software with a pricing model that reflects its specialized features and design capabilities. While it might be a significant investment, it’s a worthwhile one for Apple users looking for top-notch design quality in their ebooks.

Click HERE for latest pricing

Why Choose Vellum Ebook Maker

Vellum is the go-to choice for Mac users who want a seamless, straightforward ebook creation experience without compromising on the quality of the final product. It’s particularly appealing to authors who value design aesthetics and ease of use.


  • Ebooks for Every Platform: Vellum allows the creation of ebooks compatible with various platforms like Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books, and more.
  • Validated Files in EPUB 3 / EPUB 2: It ensures that the files are in widely accepted formats.
  • Image Optimization + Compression: Vellum offers features for optimizing and compressing images within ebooks.
  • ARCs for Beta Readers in EPUB + MOBI: Advanced Reader Copies can be easily created for beta readers in popular formats.
  • Painless Print: Vellum simplifies the print process, handling tasks like margin setup, page numbers, and headers/footers.
  • Paperback or Hardcover Options: It supports both paperback and hardcover formats with various trim sizes and options like full-bleed pages and backgrounds.
  • Effortless Style: Vellum provides easy-to-use styling options like drop caps, embedded fonts, and custom ornaments.
  • Designed for Books: The software is specifically tailored for book creation, offering features like a built-in Title Page, Table of Contents, and Style Preview.


  • Only Available for Mac: Vellum is limited to macOS users, which restricts its accessibility for users of other operating systems.
  • Cost: Vellum is a paid software, which might be a consideration for users looking for free or low-cost alternatives.
  • Learning Curve: As with any specialized software, there might be a learning curve involved in mastering all of its features.
  • Limited Customization in Certain Areas: While Vellum offers various customization options, some users might find certain limitations compared to more advanced publishing software.

8. Ulysses: The Writer’s Dream Tool for Mac and iOS

Notable Features

Ulysses is a dream come true for writers on Mac and iOS, offering a distraction-free environment and a suite of powerful features. Its clean interface keeps you focused, while the built-in proofreader and editing assistant ensure your writing is crisp and clear. The software excels in document management, making it easy to handle large projects. Additionally, its flexible export options allow for easy conversion of your text into PDFs, Word documents, and ebooks.

Format Compatibilities

Ulysses supports exporting documents in PDF, EPUB, and DOCX formats, catering to a variety of publishing needs and platforms.

Creating Ebooks with Ulysses

Ulysses is all about streamlined writing. Start your project with minimal setup, use markdown for easy formatting, and when ready, export your manuscript into a well-formatted ebook. Its goal-setting features help keep your writing on track.


Ulysses operates on a subscription model, offering a free trial for new users. This approach ensures continuous access to the latest features.

Click HERE for the latest pricing.

Why Choose Ulysses

Ulysses is the perfect ebook creator for writers seeking a focused writing tool that also simplifies the ebook publishing process. It’s especially suited for Apple users who value a seamless, efficient writing experience.


  • Focused Writing Experience: Ulysses offers a distraction-free interface that helps maintain focus during the writing process.
  • Document Management: It provides effective document management, making it easier to organize and manage writing projects.
  • Fast Syncing: Ulysses offers fast syncing across devices, ensuring that your work is always up to date.
  • Flexible Export Options: The app allows exporting documents to various formats like PDFs, Word documents, ebooks, and blog posts.
  • Built-In Proofreader and Editing Assistant: Ulysses includes a grammar and style check tool, supporting over 20 languages.
  • Support for Large Writing Projects: It is equipped to handle writing projects of all sizes, from blog posts to novels.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Ulysses is available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, providing a seamless writing experience across devices.
  • Longevity and Continuous Improvement: The app has been around since 2003 and continues to be maintained and improved.


  • Subscription Model: Ulysses operates on a subscription basis, which might not be preferred by users looking for a one-time purchase.
  • Limited to Apple Ecosystem: The app is only available for macOS, iPadOS, and iOS, limiting its use to users within the Apple ecosystem.
  • Markup-Based Editor: While this can be a pro for some, users not familiar with markup might find it challenging.
  • Learning Curve: The range of features and functionalities might require some time to learn effectively.

9. Jutoh: A Versatile Tool for Ebook Authors

Notable Features

Jutoh is an all-encompassing ebook creator designed for authors who desire extensive customization and control. It offers a broad spectrum of options for layout, styling, and content management, allowing for precise tailoring of every ebook element. Features like quick project setup, efficient editing, and support for complex formats make Jutoh a comprehensive choice for an ebook creator.

Format Compatibilities

Jutoh’s strength lies in its wide-ranging format support. It can export to Kindle, ePub 2/3, ODT (for PDF creation), HTML, text, Markdown, CBZ, and MP3, covering a vast array of needs for various e-readers and publishing platforms.

Creating Ebooks with Jutoh

Starting a new project in Jutoh is straightforward. Whether importing files or beginning anew, its powerful editing tools enable perfecting your ebook’s layout and content. Jutoh also offers advanced features like conditional content and interactive elements, enhancing the ebook creation experience.


Jutoh is available as a one-time purchase, offering a cost-effective solution for authors who prefer a simple, one-off pricing model over subscriptions.

See the latest pricing HERE

Why Choose Jutoh

Jutoh is the go-to tool for authors seeking a flexible, feature-rich platform for ebook creation. It’s especially suited for those who require detailed control over design and formatting and for authors aiming to publish across a variety of formats and platforms.


  • Versatile Import Options: Jutoh allows importing from Word, ODT, ePub, or text files, including pictures, tables, and Word fields.
  • Wide Range of Export Formats: It supports compiling books to Kindle, ePub 2/3, ODT (for PDF creation), HTML, text, Markdown, CBZ, and MP3.
  • Comprehensive Editing Tools: Jutoh offers an editor and styles for formatting, along with tools like the Inspector tool, Find and Replace, Document Cleanup, and support for footnotes, tables of contents, indexes, and bibliographies.
  • Epub Checking: The software includes a feature to check your ePub with advisory messages to improve the book.
  • Creativity Tools: Jutoh comes with a storyboard for planning, a writing prompt, writing goals for setting word count targets, and a character name generator.
  • Extensive Support Resources: It offers a searchable knowledge base, a book on writing, and a selection of writing quotations.
  • No Subscription Model: Jutoh is available for purchase without a subscription, allowing unlimited book creation.


  • User Interface Complexity: The wide range of features and tools might make the interface overwhelming for new users.
  • Learning Curve: Due to its comprehensive nature, there might be a significant learning curve to effectively use all its features.
  • Platform Compatibility: While it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, the experience and performance might vary across these platforms.
  • Limited Integration with Online Platforms: Unlike some other tools, Jutoh may not have direct integration for publishing to online platforms or e-book stores.

Ebook Creator FAQ – Click to open/close

What features should I look for in an eBook creator?

Key features include versatile content import options, comprehensive management of your eBook library, elegant and user-friendly design interfaces, focused writing environments, and support for diverse file formats.

Can I convert my blog into an eBook?

Yes, some eBook creation tools offer the ability to import content from blogs and websites, allowing you to repurpose them into eBook formats.

Are there tools suitable for large writing projects like novels?

Yes, certain eBook maker tools are designed to handle large projects, offering features like chapter organization, manuscript editing, and format consistency.

Do I need different tools for eBook creation and publishing?

While some tools offer both creation and publishing features, others specialize in either creation or market research and optimization for publishing.

Can I create eBooks for free?

There are free eBook creation tools available, though they might have limitations compared to paid versions.

Is technical knowledge required to use eBook maker software?

Most eBook creation tools are designed with user-friendliness in mind, though some may have a learning curve. Many offer tutorials and support resources.

Can I create interactive eBooks with these tools?

Some eBook tools support interactive elements like hyperlinks, but extensive interactivity may require more specialized software.

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