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AMZScout Review: Boost Your Amazon FBA Sales! (AMZ Scout 2024)

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Thinking about jumping into Amazon FBA selling? Imagine leveraging Amazon’s massive audience to sell products that are already hits. If you’re nodding along, you’re exactly where you need to be. But, here’s the catch: mastering FBA requires knowing which products will boost your sales and which won’t.

Enter AMZScout. This AMZScout review is your go-to for uncovering high-demand products, tapping into shopper insights, and estimating your potential profits. Whether you’re new to FBA or looking to up your game, AMZScout is your secret weapon.

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AMZScout is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help Amazon sellers find profitable products, analyze market trends, optimize listings, and increase sales.

Beginning at $49.99, AMZscout offers a tiered pricing structure that allows you to choose your subscription duration (monthly, yearly, or lifetime) first, followed by selecting your desired package and any additional add-ons you may need.
Please see our Pricing Breakdown for more info.


  • Comprehensive Data
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Versatile Tools
  • Helpful Resources
  • Supplier Database


  • Information Overload
  • Limited to Amazon
10 day money back

Typically, they provide a 10-day money-back guarantee for their products, allowing users to try their tools with the option to request a refund if they’re not satisfied with the service.

Key Takeaways

  • AMZScout Overview
  • Features and Functionality
  • Choosing the Right Plan
  • Alternatives and Safety

What is AMZScout?

AMZscout review

AMZScout is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to assist Amazon sellers in finding profitable products, analyzing market trends, optimizing their listings, and increasing sales through data-driven insights. It offers features like product database searches, sales estimations, keyword explorer, profit calculator, and reverse ASIN lookup, catering to both new and experienced sellers aiming to succeed in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Here’s a quick rundown of what AMZScout can do for you:

  • Find Products: Use its massive database to discover products that are selling well, with low competition.
  • Research Keywords: Find out what words people are typing into Amazon when they shop, so you can match your product to their searches.
  • Calculate Profits: Get an idea of how much money you could make after all the selling fees and costs.
  • Find Suppliers: Connect with manufacturers and suppliers who can provide the products you want to sell.

Choosing Between the Chrome Extension and Web App

Before exploring AMZScout, there’s a choice you’ve got to make: picking between the Chrome Extension and the Web App. Both tools are awesome, but they serve slightly different purposes. Let’s break it down to help you decide which one might be your best bet.

The Chrome Extension: Your On-the-Go Scout

Think of the Chrome Extension as your quick and handy sidekick when browsing Amazon. It’s perfect for real-time insights as you navigate through Amazon’s endless sea of products. Here’s why you might love it:

  • Instant Data: See crucial info about products directly on Amazon’s website. No need to switch tabs or wait.
  • Ease of Use: It’s right there in your browser. A simple click, and you’re analyzing products.
  • Perfect for Spur-of-the-Moment Research: Got a sudden idea or found a product by chance? The Chrome Extension gives you the lowdown right then and there.

The Web App: Your Comprehensive Command Center

On the other side, we’ve got the Web App, which is like your mission control for deep dives and strategic planning. It’s more comprehensive and is ideal for when you’re in “serious research mode.” Here’s what makes the Web App stand out:

  • Broad Features: Access to a wider range of tools, including the Product Database, Keyword Explorer, and more.
  • Detailed Analysis: Dive deeper into market trends, competition analysis, and profit calculations.
  • Strategic Planning: With more data and tools at your disposal, you can make informed decisions about your Amazon business.
AMZscout web app

Making Your Choice

So, which should you choose? If you’re always on the go and like to research products in real-time while browsing Amazon, the Chrome Extension is your friend. It’s quick, convenient, and gives you instant insights.

But, if you’re all about that deep dive, looking to uncover hidden gems, and want to strategize your next big move, the Web App has got everything you need. It’s your comprehensive toolkit for serious selling.

And hey, who says you have to choose just one? Many successful sellers use both to maximize their potential. Start with what feels right for your current needs, and remember, you can always switch or use both as you grow your Amazon empire.

Key Features Unpacked

Product Database: Finding Your Next Big Hit

The Product Database is like your treasure map to uncovering products that could be your next big seller. It’s packed with data on millions of items from Amazon’s catalog. Here’s what makes this product research tool cool:
Filters Galore: Want to find products within a specific price range, with a certain level of competition, or in a particular category? Easy. Just set your filters and watch the magic happen.
Discover Trends: Spot products that are gaining in popularity before they become super competitive.
Save Time: Instead of scrolling through Amazon for hours, get a curated list of products that match your criteria in minutes.

Keyword Search: Understanding What Shoppers Are Searching For

Keywords are the secret sauce to getting your products seen on Amazon. The Keyword Explorer helps you understand what shoppers are typing into the search bar, so you can:
Optimize Listings: Use popular keywords in your product titles and descriptions to improve visibility.
Find Product Ideas: Discover what people are looking for and consider selling those products.
Understand Seasonality: See which keywords are popular at different times of the year to plan your inventory.

Product Tracker: Keeping an Eye on Your Potential Products

Found some products you’re interested in? The Product Tracker lets you keep an eye on them over time. It’s like bookmarking your favorite items and getting updates on how they’re doing. You can:
Track Sales: See how many units a product is selling to gauge demand.
Monitor Stock Levels: Watch how quickly products are being restocked to understand supply dynamics.
Compare Performance: Keep tabs on multiple products to decide which ones are worth investing in.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

This powerful feature allows sellers to uncover the keywords a competitor’s product is ranking for. By entering a product’s ASIN, you can gain insights into the keywords driving traffic to that listing, helping you optimize your own product pages for better visibility and sales.

Amazon FBA Calculator: Crunching the Numbers for You

Before you decide to sell a product, you’ll want to know if it’s actually going to make you money. Enter the Profit Calculator. Just plug in your costs, and it’ll show you:
Net Profit: How much money you’ll make after all expenses.
ROI: Your return on investment, so you can see if a product is worth the upfront cost.
Fees Breakdown: Understand Amazon’s fees and how they impact your bottom line.

Free AMZ Scout Resources

As we delve into AMZ Scout’s offerings, especially for those just starting out, we uncover an array of free resources that are particularly beneficial. Recognizing the uncertainty that beginners might face when embarking on the journey to sell on Amazon, AMZ Scout has curated a variety of educational resources to guide you. They offer a substantial free trial, allowing you to explore the service without upfront investment—a perfect opportunity for any prospective user to get acquainted with the features that make this product a valuable asset for finding a profitable product to sell.

AMZscout free resources

A collection of free resources for boosting Amazon sales with AMZ Scout, including data analytics, product research tools, and customer insights. Show a stylized version of a toolbox or treasure chest overflowing with helpful resources related to selling on Amazon, such as graphs, charts, and diagrams. The image should convey a sense of abundance and opportunity, with bright colors and clear, easy-to-read icons or symbols representing each tool or resource. Use a simple, clean style that appeals to both seasoned sellers and those just starting out.

These tutorials and educational materials are comprehensive yet accessible, ensuring that whether you’re a seasoned seller or a beginner, you can maximize the potential of AMZ Scout. Moreover, these free resources are designed to help you leverage AMZ Scout’s tools to their fullest, assisting in selecting that desirable product that could turn into a profitable venture on Amazon’s competitive marketplace.

Resource TypeContent CoveredTarget Audience
TutorialsHow to use AMZ Scout tools, basics of product research, and optimization techniquesBeginners to Intermediate sellers
Educational GuidesStrategies for selecting and sourcing products, understanding market trendsNew sellers
WebinarsLive demonstrations, Q&A sessions with experts, advanced selling tacticsIntermediate to Advanced sellers
Case StudiesSuccess stories, detailed analysis of profitable products, market insightsAspiring entrepreneurs

AMZScout in Action: A Real-Life Scenario for FBA Sellers

Imagine you’re Jamie, an FBA seller looking to boost sales by finding high-demand, low-competition products already listed on Amazon. Here’s how AMZScout becomes Jamie’s game-changer:

Spotting the Opportunity

Jamie decides to focus on the home fitness niche, noticing its growing popularity. Using AMZScout’s Product Database, Jamie filters for fitness products with high sales volumes and low competition. A particular set of resistance bands stands out due to its promising sales figures and manageable competition levels.

Market Analysis

To understand the product’s potential better, Jamie uses the Keyword Explorer in AMZScout. This reveals the most searched terms related to resistance bands, indicating a strong, ongoing demand. Jamie also notices several related products lacking optimization, presenting an opportunity to capture market share with better marketing strategies.

Sales and Profit Estimation

With a promising product in sight, Jamie turns to the Profit Calculator feature. Inputting the cost of goods, Amazon fees, and shipping costs, Jamie gets a clear picture of the potential profit margins. The numbers look promising, reinforcing the decision to focus on this product.

Sourcing and Listing Optimization

Although Jamie isn’t looking for new suppliers, understanding the competitive landscape is crucial. By analyzing top competitors using AMZScout’s Competitor Analysis tool, Jamie gathers insights on pricing strategies, customer reviews, and listing quality. This information is used to optimize the product listing, focusing on high-impact keywords and addressing gaps in competitors’ listings.

Launching and Monitoring

Jamie relaunches the product with an optimized listing, incorporating targeted keywords, high-quality images, and enhanced product descriptions. To monitor the product’s performance, Jamie uses AMZScout’s Product Tracker, keeping an eye on sales trends, inventory levels, and market changes.

The Outcome

Thanks to strategic optimizations and leveraging AMZScout’s insights, Jamie’s resistance bands start climbing the ranks in search results. Sales increase significantly, and the product begins to outperform several competitors. Jamie continues to use AMZScout to find new opportunities, optimize listings, and grow the FBA business.

Jamie can boost sales for the resistance bands through a mix of Amazon Sponsored Ads, Google Ads, and targeted social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Email marketing and collaborations with fitness influencers can also widen reach. Additionally, content marketing through blogs and YouTube videos offers organic traffic opportunities. This multi-channel approach targets potential customers both on and off Amazon, maximizing visibility and sales potential.

Pricing and Plans – AMZscout Review

Free Trial

  • What You Get: Access to a limited set of features, giving you a taste of what AMZScout can do.
  • Who It’s For: New users curious about AMZScout’s capabilities without committing financially.

AMZscout Review Alternatives to Consider

While AMZScout offers a comprehensive suite of tools for Amazon sellers, it’s always smart to know what other options are out there. Whether you’re looking for different features, pricing structures, or just want to compare what’s available, here are a few alternatives to AMZScout that you might consider:

Jungle Scout

  • Overview: Jungle Scout is a popular alternative that provides a similar range of tools for product research, keyword discovery, and market analysis. It’s known for its robust data accuracy and user-friendly interface.
  • Best For: Sellers who want detailed insights and are willing to invest in a tool that offers extensive support and resources for growing an Amazon business.

Helium 10

  • Overview: Helium 10 boasts a comprehensive set of tools for every stage of the Amazon selling process, including product research, SEO, listing optimization, and operations management. It’s particularly praised for its keyword research tool and analytics.
  • Best For: Sellers looking for an all-in-one platform with a strong emphasis on SEO and listing optimization.

Viral Launch

  • Overview: Viral Launch offers market intelligence, product discovery, and keyword research tools designed to help sellers launch successful products on Amazon. It also provides services like product photography and listing optimization.
  • Best For: New and existing sellers focused on launching new products and optimizing listings for maximum visibility and sales.


  • Overview: SellerApp combines analytics, optimization, and intelligence tools to provide sellers with insights into profitability, product opportunities, and market trends. It also offers features for PPC campaign management and listing optimization.
  • Best For: Sellers who want actionable insights and tools to improve their Amazon PPC campaigns and overall sales strategy.

FAQ – Click to open/close

Can AMZScout guarantee my success on Amazon?

While AMZScout provides a wealth of data and tools designed to improve your chances of success, no tool can guarantee success. The Amazon marketplace is dynamic, and success depends on various factors, including market trends, competition, and your commitment to adapting and optimizing your strategy.

How accurate is the data provided by AMZScout?

AMZScout is known for its robust data collection methods and algorithms that provide market insights and product performance. However, as with any tool that estimates sales and market data, there’s always a margin of error. It’s best to use AMZScout’s data as one of several resources in your decision-making process.

Is AMZScout suitable for sellers outside the United States?

Yes, AMZScout supports multiple Amazon marketplaces, making it a valuable tool for sellers targeting regions outside the United States. Whether you’re selling in Europe, Asia, or any other region where Amazon operates, AMZScout can provide relevant data and insights.

Can I use AMZScout for free?

AMZScout offers a free trial that allows you to test some of its features before committing to a paid plan. While the free trial has limitations, it’s a great way to get a feel for how the tool works and whether it meets your needs.

How often should I use AMZScout?

The frequency of use depends on your business model and goals. If you’re actively researching new products or monitoring market trends, you might use AMZScout daily. For more established sellers with a stable product line, weekly or monthly check-ins might suffice to track performance and scout for new opportunities.

Can AMZScout help with Amazon FBA?

Absolutely! AMZScout is equipped with features that are particularly useful for FBA sellers, including profit calculators that account for FBA fees, tools to estimate product demand and competition, and resources to find suppliers. It’s designed to support both FBA and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) sellers.

Is AMZScout owned by Amazon?

No, AMZScout is not owned by Amazon. It’s an independent software company that provides tools and resources for Amazon sellers. While AMZScout specializes in analyzing data from Amazon’s marketplace to help sellers make informed decisions, it operates separately from Amazon itself. The company has developed its suite of tools to assist sellers in navigating the Amazon selling environment more effectively, but it is not directly affiliated with Amazon.

What is AMZScout used for?

AMZScout is a comprehensive tool designed to assist Amazon sellers in various aspects of their business. It’s primarily used for:
Product Research: Helping sellers find profitable products to sell by providing data on sales trends, competition levels, and market demand.
Market Analysis: Offering insights into market trends and consumer behavior to inform sellers about the best times to launch new products or enter new niches.
Keyword Research: Assisting in identifying high-traffic keywords to optimize product listings for better visibility and sales.
Profit Calculation: Calculating potential profits for products by taking into account Amazon fees, cost of goods, and other expenses.
Supplier Sourcing: Connecting sellers with reliable suppliers and manufacturers for their products.

Is AMZScout Safe to Use?

Yes, AMZScout is safe for Amazon sellers. Key points include:
Data Security: Implements strong measures to protect your information.
Amazon Compliance: Follows Amazon’s terms of service, ensuring your account remains in good standing.
Reputation: Trusted by sellers worldwide for its reliability.

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