Embracing new attribution models to boost marketing efficacy and sales insights in 2024

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As digital marketing landscapes evolve, marketers are increasingly recognizing the limitations of traditional attribution models like last-click and first-click. In 2024, there’s a growing trend towards exploring more nuanced and data-driven attribution models to effectively track the true value of each channel in affiliate marketing.

According to Phonexa, one of the significant hurdles in current attribution models is their failure to account for the complexities of modern consumer pathways and digital interactions. They argue for a shift towards models that can integrate data across multiple touchpoints and channels to provide a more accurate picture of conversion processes (Phonexa).

Piwik Pro further elaborates on the importance of leveraging raw data for multichannel attribution. Their insights suggest that raw data analysis allows marketers to identify which channels not only initiate but also influence and ultimately convert sales. This detailed approach helps in better allocating marketing budgets and refining strategies (Piwik Pro).

Moreover, Scaleo points out that embracing sophisticated tracking technologies and diverse attribution models can significantly enhance the effectiveness of affiliate marketing programs. They detail how technologies such as UTM parameters, tracking pixels, and JavaScript tracking enable deeper insights into attribution and customer behavior (Scaleo).

It’s clear that sticking to old-school models like last-click or first-click isn’t going to cut it anymore. By 2024, smart marketers will be using cooler tech and data to get a real sense of what’s actually making people click and buy. This means giving some love to all the steps a customer takes, not just the first or last. It’s all about getting smarter with our strategies and making sure every part of the marketing game is pulling its weight.

What does this mean for Affiliate Marketers?

Multi Channel Attribution can be both good and bad for affiliate marketers. On the positive side, it offers a more comprehensive understanding of how different marketing channels contribute to sales, allowing for more strategic decision-making and potentially higher returns on marketing investments. However, it can also complicate the attribution process, potentially diluting credit among multiple channels, which might reduce the commission an affiliate earns from a single conversion. It requires careful management to balance fairness and effectiveness in compensating affiliates.


What is Multi Channel Attribution?

Imagine you’re trying to figure out what made your favorite cake so good. Was it the chocolate, the frosting, or maybe something else? Multi-channel attribution in marketing is kind of like that detective work. It helps businesses figure out which part of their advertising—like an Instagram ad, a YouTube video, or a Google search ad—actually convinced you to buy something. This way, they know where to spend their money to get the best results. It’s like finding out that the secret ingredient to the cake was really good chocolate!

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What is multi-channel attribution in affiliate marketing?

Multi-channel attribution tracks how each marketing channel contributes to a sale, helping marketers understand which channels are most effective.

Why move away from models like last-click attribution?

Last-click attribution only credits the final touchpoint before a purchase, ignoring any other marketing efforts that contributed earlier in the customer journey.

What are the benefits of using advanced attribution models?

Advanced models provide a fuller picture of what influences customer decisions, allowing marketers to allocate budgets more effectively and improve ROI.

How are technologies like AI impacting attribution models?

AI helps parse complex data from multiple channels faster and more accurately, making it easier to see which strategies work best.

Can small businesses benefit from multi-channel attribution?

Yes, even small businesses can see which marketing efforts are paying off and adjust their strategies accordingly, ensuring they get the most out of their budgets.

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